You probably came here from somewhere else, so I’m sure you already know one thing I do. This site is a nexus to tell you a little about me, and show you what else I do.

My life is a bit of a blur before about 30. This seems to be common among people with emotionally traumatic upbringings. I chose my name, Riley Taylor, to place a line between an old, cluttered identity that I had no affinity for and the person I am today. It simply was, and no longer is. If you knew me as my given name, you probably don’t know me anymore. Please empty your teacup and prepare to receive the person I am today.

One of my earliest memories is finding a t-shirt featuring Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation, in my closet. My parents insisted I was a fan. The memory is too blurry to say. I have no recollection of watching the show before it went into reruns in the 2000s, but I have always been into space operas. Babylon 5 was my jam.

One of my earliest memories is getting a copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the SNES. I still have it. Related, I had an old Tandy 1000HX the family bought at Radio Shack. It was a demo unit they wanted to get rid of to make room for the new ones. It came with a text-based Star Trek game. I remember not knowing what was going on. What are these “Romulans?” “Klingons?” An asterisk represented one faction’s ships. The carat (^), I have to assume, represented Federation ships. The computer made a little bloop when a ship moved. I don’t have the computer or the game anymore.

I can connect a Star Trek episode to almost any life situation.

Many people who get into programming report their earliest experience was copying code from a book or magazine to QBasic. My earliest memory of music is tapping code for a fire engine sound into QBasic from a book. I could never develop an interest in or affinity for programming, but music came naturally to me. That said, I do have a GitHub for when I piece together parts other people have made into a novel (or at least useful) software development.

I have been to a furry convention. My main MIDI controller is an Arturia MiniLab MkII, and the main reason I chose it over comparable (and more popular) options was the Arctic fox colors. I'm not a furry, but I am substantially furry-adjacent.

All that was a way to introduce myself. If none of that was interesting, or if some of it was off-putting, we might not get along.

I don’t have an active social media presence.

I don’t have a blog. Most of what I write is brief, and most longer stuff gets stale and useless quickly. I will eventually collect the long things that last into a book. See below for a newsletter signup form.

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