You probably came here from somewhere else, so I’m sure you already know one thing I do. This site is a nexus to tell you a little about me, and show you what else I do. I chose my name, Riley Taylor, to place a line between an old, cluttered identity that I had no affinity for and the person I am today. It simply was, and no longer is. If you knew me as my given name, you probably don’t know me anymore. Please empty your teacup and prepare to receive the person I am today.

I have a little music podcast called Fox Populi. You can listen to episodes with the RSS feed, or get a personalized podcast feed with your support on Patreon. The Patreon version is best. You can get it on Google Podcasts now, and iTunes and Spotify once they get around to reviewing it.

I'm on Mastodon. My other social media profiles are inactive.

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